Long Van 2


100g – 150,000VND
30g – 50,000 VND

Tea line: Green Oolong.
Ingredients: Thanh Tam Oolong.
Tea area: Moc Chau, Son La
Altitude: 1200m.
Scent: ylang ylang, milky scent
Taste: greasy, sweet, cool.

Detailed description: see below.

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Mô tả

Long Van 2 is a green tea product, made from Thanh Tam oolong tea of Moc Chau tea region, Son La, with an altitude of about 1200m above sea level. Carefully prepared from fresh, content-rich tea buds, Long Van 2 has a variety of flavors of jade flowers, myrtle flower, mixed with scent of a little milk cream, impressive rich aroma right from the moment of awakening with hot apocalypse, the flavor is more and more prominent and clear through each brew. It is an ideal tea to drink hot, and also to brew cold on a summer day.