Moc Van 2


Type: Da Hong Pao (Big Red Robe tea)
Breed: O Long Thanh Tam.
Location: Moc Chau, Son La.
Altitude: 1200m.
Fragrance: ripe fruit flower pollen and honey
Taste: warming, sweet, smooth.
Price: 450.000đ/100g

Detailed description: see below

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Mô tả

Moc Van 2 is made from tea leaves of Thanh Tam oolong tea tree in Moc Chau – Son La area, under Da Hong Pao tea (Big Red Robe tea) making process.

Because the tea area is located in Moc Chau plateau, with an average altitude of 1000-1200m above sea level, the weather is cool all year round, the annual average temperature is 18.5 degrees Celsius, the average rainfall is 1560 mm, the average humidity of the air is about 85%, which is suitable for the development of Olong tea tree, help to create good & rich tea flavors.

Moc Van 2 has the scent of ripe fruit flowerpollen and honey. The liquor produced had amber, bright and clear, with a pronounced warming, bringing a long-lasting sweet and smooth aftertaste.
Moc Van 2 can retain its flavor for several steepings.

Drinking this kind of tea helps to warm up your body, so it is suitable to enjoy in cool, rainy or cold days. Tea is often served for afternoon tea parties because of its special taste.