Phong Van 01-2022 (Cake 357g)


Type: Raw Puer Tea.

Breed: Old Shan Tuyet
Location: Lung Vai, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam
Altitude: 1700-1800m
Fragrance: floral, dried nectar.
Taste: deep sweet, thick and warm. The tea water is yellow to dark yellow with honey depending on the brewing time.
Detailed description: see below.

Mô tả

Phong Van 01-2022 (Cake 357g) is made from 01 bud and 2 leaves of ancient tea trees (selected trees). In the tea season, the tea factory will assign their staff to come to the tea area, so as to instruct the local people to harvest tea in accordance with requirement standard, the tea will be delivered to the factory in the same day and processed immediately according to processing standards of Raw Puer tea.

The purpose of participating in the harvesting process is to ensure the quality of the raw materials, to create coordination and understanding between the tea makers – the pickers (the local people) and the tea makers – the tea trees, which contributes to make tea exploitation more sustainable. The result is that tea trees are not over-harvested or cut down seriously, which help people to maintain the quality and growth of tea trees.

Being awakened by hot water, Thuong Son 01 Raw Puer tea has a very light scent of salted dry apricot, the aroma of ripe fruit under the sun. You then can feel a deep, light sweetness of a new, but rich Raw Puer tea. This is also very interesting, because whether it is made according to the process of green tea, white tea or Puer tea, you still can recognize the typical features of Thuong Son tea.

The first infused-water is yellow, with a light sweetness, deep in taste, despise of the fact that very small amount of tea is used. Its aroma is very mild, and you can feel a light sweet from the tea buds.

When the brewing time and water temperature are increased, the tea water will turn into golden in color, sweet and smooth in taste; a feeling of fullness, depth, relaxing can be present in your mouth when enjoying. Although the brewing time and water temperature increased, only a bit acrid taste can be found, and sweet aftertaste is rather long. Sensitive people can feel the tea “qi” in their body when drinking it. This kind of tea brings tea drinker a pleasant and interesting feeling, through each time of changing the brewing time and water temperature.

After being aged for a quite long time, the inner subtances of Raw Puer Tea will be transformed to become milder, deeper in both flavor and tea “qi”. Bavantea believes that Thuong Son 01 Raw Puer tea cake is a worthy and special tea for tea lovers and collectors to collect and discover the transformation of tea over the time.


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