Ngoc Van

$8.56 – 100g.

Type: Red Oolong.
Breed: O Long Thanh Tam.
Location: Moc Chau, Son La.
Altitude: 1200m.
Fragrance: Jade orchid, nectar, dried flowers.
Taste: sweet, warm, mellow.

Detailed description: see below

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🌿Ngoc Van
🍂Type: Red Oolong Tea, farm-grown, one bud, and one leaf.
🍂Origin: Moc Chau plateau, Son La province
🍂Altitude: 1200 metres
🍂Profile: The tea is lightly floral, honey-sweet with complex flavors that range from fruity to honey over successive infusions, sweet, nutty. Color of red Oolong tea: has an appealing golden amber liquor to red-brown, clear water and bright tea.