Long Van 4


100g – 100,000VND

Tea line: green oolong
Ingredients: Tu Quy Oolong.
Tea area: Lam Ha, Lam Dong.
Altitude: 1000m.
Fragrance: orchid scent.
Taste: fresh, sweet, airy, settled.

Detailed description: see below

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Four Quarters Oolong tea or four seasons oolong is an alpine tea originating in Taiwan called Si Ji Chun or Four Seasons Oolong. Four Seasons is a hybrid from the classic Oolong strain, the mosr open-minded youngest daughter of ” The three daughters if Taiwan” ( three kind of Oolong tea made Taiwan tea became famous). Compared to other alpine teas that are grown in higher areas and harvested 2 times a year in spring and late autumn, Tu Quy tea was developed to be grown at lower elevations and can be harvested year-round while still having a fresh “spring” floral flavor. Because it can be harvested all year round, the tea is called Four Seasons Olong tea. This is a wonderful tea with a beautiful iridescent bright yellow liquor color, a gentle aroma of spring flowers, giving a feeling of warmth and a clean, serene sweet aftertaste. Four quarters Olong tea has a diverse, delicate taste layer that opens after each infusion of the liquor. Tu Quy tea variety is very suitable and grows very well in the highlands of Lam Dong for high yield and quality, exported mostly to its birthplace, the island nation of Taiwan. How to process: The raw tea variety for production is Long Van 4 Tu Quy tea is a Camellia Sinensis plant variety with small dark green leaves, evenly serrated with 26-38 pairs of serrations, 6 pairs of veins, thick leaves, soft buds, slightly purple buds. Tea is grown and produced according to organic tea standards and fertilized with organic fertilizers (seaweed, rice bran, molasses, soybeans…). The tea has a fermentation level of 35%-40%, the tea buds are rounded with green gloss, when brewing the liquor has an iridescent yellow-green color, spring flower aroma, fresh taste.