Thien Van 1

$8.56 – 100g

Type: Green Tea.
Breed: Shan Tuyet.
Location: Ta Xua, Son La
Altitude: 1600m.
Fragrance: grass flowers, wood smoke.
Taste: sweet, mild acrid.

Detailed description: see below.

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Thien Van – Ancient Snow Shan Green Tea handpicked from 100+ years old Shan Tuyet tea trees in Ta Xua, Son La Province, Vietnam.
One of the items that international tea lovers admire for its originality, distinctive aroma and smoky, strong flavor, clear water, and bright yellow color. Thien Van shows the essence of an antique tea line that grows naturally in the clouds.

* :
Type: Green tea, shan, wild-grown, one bud and one leaf.
Origin: Ta Xua, Son La province.
Altitude: 1600m.
Profile: rich, smokey, fresh grass, forest flowers, fresh sticky rice.

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