Linh Van 1


$25.66 – 100g

Type: White Tea.
Breed: Old Shan Tuyet
Location: Suoi Giang, Yen Bai.
Altitude: 1400m.
Fragrance: wild flowers, nectar.
Taste: sweet like water in a bamboo tube

Detailed description: see below.

Mô tả

Linh Van 1 (Silver Needle) is a sun-dried white tea that has been brewed for 1 year, made from one bud and one leaf of the ancient Shan Tuyet, Suoi Giang, Yen Bai province, with an altitude of 1400m compared to the sea level.

The tea has a lightly sweet and special scent of honey and forest pollen.
At the first brewing time, tea has a sweet, fragrant, slightly, gooey taste. In the next brewing time, the taste will be more and more clear, the initial lightness gives way to a passionate aroma, deep sweet, and soft on the palate.

The specialty of the flavor comes from not only quality ingredients but also from the transformation of the flavor and energy of the tea that has been brewed over 1 year

Linh Van 1 is one of the tea products with limited quantity, very special in the Vietnamese tea collection of Tra Ba Van introduced to you.

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