Linh Van


Linh Van 1 (Silver Needle) is sun-dried white tea, made of 1 bud of the ancient Shan Tuyet tea tree which grows in Suoi Giang, Yen Bai province, with an altitude of nearly 1400m above sea level.

Heat up the teapot and shake it, we will feel the aroma of brown sugar cakes, or the brown sugar balls that is used to make floating cake – a tradditional Vietnamese cake.

After rinsing and cleaning the tea with hot water, the tea has an additional scent of fresh grass and a faint scent of fresh bamboo.

In the first time of steeping, Linh Van has a floral scent – a very light sweet fragrance. If you smell the lid of the kettle, you will feel the sweet and floral scent more clearly.

The more times you re-steep, the more Linh Van will show the sweeter taste compared to the first time of steeping. With a sufficient amount of tea, Linh Van can re-steep more than 10 times.

The sweet taste of the tea is similar to the sweetness of the water in the bamboo tube which is very soft, with a little taste of rice water after cooking.

Grasses and small shrubs in Suoi Giang tea area are at average level, grasses grows well but not high, some places have ferns.

Yen Bai weather condition fluctuates less during the year, the average temperature is about 18 – 20 degrees Celsius, the highest is 37-39 degrees Celsius, the lowest is 2-4 degrees Celsius.

The prevailing winds are the northeast monsoon and the southeast monsoon.

The average rainfall is 1,800 – 2,000mm/year, the highest is 2,204mm/year and the lowest is 1,106mm/year.

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