Thanh Van 5


Type: Green Tea
Breed: Shan Tuyet Ancient Tree.
Location: Tay Con Linh, Ha Giang.
Altitude: 1300m.
Fragrance: flowers, nuggets, sweet nectar.
Taste: Sweet, greasy.
Detailed description: see below.

Mô tả

Thanh Van 5 is a green tea line, one bud, from ancient tea trees in Tay Con Linh, Ha Giang, altitude about 1300m above sea level.

In the first brewing water, the scent of dry tea rises up combined with the gentle scent of spring tea, the faint scent of pollen, and the fragrant aroma of young soybeans. Moreover, the tea has a floral of fresh grass, is lightly fragrant, and has a turquoise color.

The tea water is clear, if brewed for a long time, it will have a light yellow color. The delicate and sweet taste of the tea is enough to awaken the receptors in the oral cavity, and the greasy, smooth taste gradually appears.

Bach Van 1 is a special shan Tuyet green tea of Tra Ba Van, present in the Tra Viet Specialty collection from the beginning.

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100g, 30g