Bach Van 1


Type: White tea, snowshan, buds only.

Origin: Tay Con Linh mountain, Ha Giang province.

Altitude: 1300m.

Profile: Forest flowers, pure spring sweetness, fresh grass.

Mô tả

Bach Van – Silver Needle Tea
Bach Van is a delicate and subtle buds-only silver needle white tea sourced from the foggy mountain slopes of Ha Giang province’s Tay Con Linh mountain system. It is located in a region surrounded by shadowed forests at heights between 1300m above sea level, where ethnic minority families have farmed wild tea trees.
This is a mellow tea with delicate notes of glutinous rice, delightfully sweet liquor, pure spring sweetness, with the scent of forest flowers, light yellow, and clear water. It has an excellent body and a smooth, sweet aftertaste.

Thông tin bổ sung


100g, 30g