Hong Van 1


$51.38 – 100g

Type: Red Tea.
Breed: Old Shan Tuyet.
Location: Tay Cong Linh, Ha Giang.
Altitude: 1300m.
Fragrance: nectar, honey grass.
Taste: sweet, light, warm.

Detailed description: see below

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Mô tả

Hong Van 1 is a product of the old red tea type, fermented for a long time (since 2017) from ancient tea buds in Tay Con Linh, Ha Giang at an altitude of 1300 m above sea level.

Brewed for a long time on the basis of selected ingredients, the properties of the tea are very good. This is a tough, watery red tea, with a variety of colors and flavors with each brew.

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