Phong Van 03-2022 (Cake 357g)


Raw Puer loose leaf: $13/100gr
Raw Puer cake:  $52/pcs/357gr

Type: Puer Tea .
Breed: Old Shan Tuyet
Location: Lung Vai, Ha Giang Province, Vietnam
Altitude: 1200m
Fragrance: Dried fruit, nectar, honey
Taste: Mildly bitter, sweet like water in a bamboo tube
Detailed description: see below.

Mô tả

Phong Van 03-2022, made from the materials of ancient Shan Tuyet tea buds, with one shrimp, two and three leaves, from the ancient tea area of Lung Vai, in the Tay Con Linh range, Ha Giang with an altitude of over 1000m compared to sea level.

To pick, the Dao people here have to follow the mountain trail for more than an hour, go through the palm hills, and go deep into the forest, to reach the place with hundreds of ancient tea trees years old. Ancient trees are hundreds of years old. Around the mountain, there are many small creeks, and the tea trees receive many nutrients and minerals. The vegetation includes herbaceous plants, lichens, mosses, etc. The humus soil is loose, which contributes to making the old tea trees healthy and growing well, producing quality tea buds, this is the condition. This is the most important thing to produce a good Pu-erh tea, which can be kept for a long time.

Raw Pu-erh tea leaves Lung Vai, have the flavor of honey pollen and dried fruit. When brewed, the tea also has a slight smell of apricot, the flavor of honey from ripe fruit, which is dried in the sun. The color of the tea is light, changing from lemon yellow to dark yellow in the next brews. The tea taste mildly bitter, and sweet after a long time, bringing a warm feeling when enjoying it.

Raw Pu-erh tea can be left for a long time, the more the inner substance changes, transforming to become mellow and having more depth in both flavor and taste. Following this evolution is also a tea lover’s hobby!

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Pu-erh Tea cake, Pu-erh Tea loose leaf