Long Van 3


Price: $13 – 100gr

Type: Green Oolong.
Breed: Tieguanyin.
Location:  Lâm Ha, Lam Đong province.
Altitude: 1000m.
Fragrance: Ngoc Lan flower, milk cream.
Taste: Sweet, greasy, cool.

Detailed description: see below.

Mô tả

Tieguanyin tea (Iron Goddess or Tieguanyin) is one of the famous teas originating from Anhui province, Southern Fujian, and also grown in Taiwan. Not only the special taste but also many thrilling stories about the origin make this tea

About the tea shape, Thiet Quan Am tea is shaped like a dragonfly’s head, when brewed, the tea leaves are yellowish green. This tea is classified in the OLong because it is lightly fermented during the production process. Tie Guan Yin has more than 30 kinds of minerals, including Potassium, Fluorine, and especially elemental Selenium. These minerals can promote the production of antibodies and immunity, and enhance the body’s ability to prevent diseases, which are very useful for nutrition and health care, making the mood cheerful and refreshing.

How to process Long Van 3: Long Van 3 is the best of all Olong teas, Long Van 3 has a special flavor, so the standards for growing care and processing are extremely high. The altitude of the growing area is 1000 meters above sea level.

The tea garden is harvested three times a year, especially in spring, summer, and autumn, or in spring, summer and winter. Unlike most other teas, Long Van 3, is best picked at lunch, rather than early in the morning. The process of producing Long Van 3 is quite similar to the general process of producing Oolong tea. The differences are that the leaves selected are thick and strong leaves, not taken from the whole bud like regular Olong and lighter fermented at about 15%-20%.