White Peony Tea


Type: White tea, snowshan, 1 bud and 1 – 2 leafs

Origin: Ta Xua mountain, Son La province.

Altitude: 1300m.

Profile: Forest flowers, pure spring sweetness

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Mô tả

White Peony Tea is a type of white tea. It is produced in Ta Xua, Son La province by H’mong ethnic minority families. The tea leaves are beautiful white and brown, with distinct buttery aroma, but it becomes more earthy and fragrant after steeping. This white tea was quite flavourful even with lighter tastes than the smell. In the first infusion, the tea tastes like fruit, a floral aroma, the floral aspect of the tea were very subtle. The color of the liquid has beautiful yellow sunshine. White Peony tea has no astringency and is quite smooth.