Tra Chit (Raw Puer)


100g – 150.000đ

Price: $7/100gr

Type: Raw Puer tea
Breed: Shan Tuyet Ancient.
Location: Cao Bo, Ha Giang Province
Altitude: 1300m.
Taste: Sweet, mildly bitter.
Detailed description: see below.

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Mô tả

Harvested from 10-15cm long tea buds from the ancient Snow Shan tea tree Ha Giang.
This is also a tea of the Dao people.
After harvesting, the tea leaves are spread on the floor to lose water in the leaf. Next, continue to dry and bundle with bamboo and hang up to dry naturally under the sun.
To longer, the more delicious it is, clear and dark red, the aroma of tea is light with the smell of morning dew, the taste of is slightly cool