Kim Tuyen


100g – 45,000 VND
250g – 100,000 VND
500g – 200,000 VND

Tea line: green oolong.
Ingredients: Kim Tuyen oolong.
Tea region: Lang Son, Vietnam
Altitude: 1000m.
Fragrance: ylang ylang, seaweed, minerals
Taste: greasy, light acrid, sweet aftertaste.

Detailed description: see below.

Danh mục:

Mô tả

Kim Tuyen belongs to green Oolong, it is made from oolong tea trees grown in the North of Vietnam.
If you have ever experienced green oolong Taiwanese tea, you will find that Kim Tuyen oolong has familiar layers of sweetness, the tea water color is clear yellow, aftertaste brings the typical properties of green oolong tea.
At the first brew when the tea is put in hot water, we will see the strong aroma of Ngoc Lan flower, accompanied by the scent of grass, seaweeds, and light minerals, which create an overall rich aroma.
The taste of Kim Tuyen is quite bold and prominent, with a light acrid before taste and sweet aftertaste. This is an interesting choice for those who have a taste for strong, flavorful green tea.