Green Cloud 2


Green Cloud 2

100g – 120.000đ
30g – 40.000đ

Type of tea: Green tea
Material: 1 bud and 1 leaf of Shan Snow ancient tea tree
Tea area: Lung Vai, Phuong Do, Ha Giang
Altitude: 1100m

Aroma: young rice, spring flower, smoke
Taste: light sweet at beginning, strong sweet after taste, brewing multiple infusion

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Green Cloud 2 is a type of green tea made from 1 bud and 1 leaf of ancient tea tree grown at Lung Vai, Tay Con Linh mountain range, with an altitude of 1100m above sea level. Lung Vai tea area is located on the top of mountains, deep in the forests, with foges covered all year round. There are many small creeks around the mountains, where tea trees receive many nutrients and minerals. Grasses and small shrubs here include herbaceous plants, lichens, mosses, etc. The soil is loose and rich in humus, which contributes to make the ancient tea trees healthy, grow well, provide strong and rich tea buds.
The Dao people here have to walk along the mountain path for more than an hour, cross the palm hills, go deep into the dense forest, so as to reach to the tea area, where hundred – year old tea trees grow.
Green Cloud 2 has a fresh aroma of young rice, a light flavor of smokes and fogs, and the smell of spring flowers. Brewing water is light green, or lemon yellow if brewed with large amount of tea.
The tea taste is light sweet, soft at the beginning, but is noticeably sweet at finish. If you like strong tea taste and flavor, you can increase brewing time and temperature of the water. There are many layers of leaves in a tea bud of Green Cloud 2, so you can re-steep the tea for 10 times but still can feel the taste clearly.
Thanks to its special and strong features, Green Could 2 has become a new star – a new kind of green tea in our 2022 spring tea collection, which we would like to share with tea lovers.