Dragon Cloud 3 (Tieguanyin – Iron Godness)



300.000 VND – 100g
100.000 VND – 30g

Type of tea: Oolong tea
Material: Tieguanyin Oolong tea
Tea area: Lam Ha, Lam Dong.
Altitude: 1000m.
Profile: aroma of magnolia flower, nectar, sweet taste, milky and cool

Mô tả

– Material: Iron Godness oolong tea leaves
– Appearance: small round shape, light yellowish green color, similar size.
– Description: the brewing water is light greenish golden, with typical aroma of magnolia flower and a slight nutty scent, sweet taste, very light acrid, sweet aftertaste and mouth-watering.

– 300.000 VND – 100g
– 100.000 VND – 30g

Tieguanyin tea (Iron Godness) is one of the most famous teas originating from Anhui and Southern Fujian province, also successfully grown in Taiwan. In addition to its special taste, there are also many interesting stories about its origin, which makes it become more appealing to almost every tea lovers.

In terms of appearance, Tieguanyin tea looks like a dragonfly’s head, after brewing, the tea leaves are yellowish green. This tea is classified into the Oolong tea group because it is lightly fermented during the production process. There are more than 30 kinds of minerals, including Potassium, Fluorine, especially Selenium in a cup of Tieguanyin tea. These minerals can promote the production of the antibody, enhance the body’s ability to prevent diseases, which help to improve nutrition and health, and make drinkers to feel cheerful and refreshing.

Processing Tieguanyin (Dragon Cloud 3): As the best Olong tea variety, Tieguanyin (Dragon 3) has a more special flavor compared to other types of Oolong tea, so the related standard in growing, taking care and processing of Tieguanyin are extremely high. The altitude of the planting area is required 1000 meters above sea level.

The tea is harvested three times a year, often in spring, summer and fall; or in spring, summer and winter. Unlike most other teas, the best time to pluck Tieguanyin – Dragon Cloud 3 is at noon, instead of in the morning like other types of tea. The process of making Tieguanyin – Dragon Cloud 3 is quite similar to the general process of making Olong tea with the finished product looked like rolled tea balls. The difference is that the leaves to make Tieguanyin tea are single leaves, thick and strong. Not like other regular Oolong tea, the whole tea buds are not choosen for Tieguanyin, and it is fermented about 15%-20% lighter than other Oolong teas.