Oriental Beauty Tea – Moc Chau, Son La, Vietnam

1.What kind of tea is that?
– Red Oolong Tea

the Queen Elizabeth II

2.Where it is originated?
– It is presumed that when the Queen Elizabeth II was first enjoying the special oolong tea from Taiwan gifted by John Dodd, a British business man, and looking at the tea buds in the tea pot, she was reminded of the oriental dancing girls. The Queen then praised and named her favorite tea “Oriental Beauty”. Since then, the tea and its name became famous all over the world.
3.What is the English name for this tea?
– Oriental Beauty Oolong Tea, Dong Fang Mei Ren, Bai Hao, Oolong White Oolong, Oolong Champagne, Boast Tea or Bitten Tea
4.Where is the material from?
– Tea material is selected from purebred oolong tea trees

green leafhoppers

5.Why does this kind of tea have a typical sweet and fruity aromas?
– This tea is made from the tea buds of purebred oolong tea trees. These tea buds are bitten by the green leafhopper insects when they try to suck for phloem juices. To have material to process this kind of tea, farmers have to create a very friendly environment for the green leafhoppers which means that the tea trees must grow in a natural environment with no impact of chemical substances. When the buds are bitten, the tea trees activate its self-protection system and create a substance with special scent to attract the natural enemies of the leafhoppers. This accidentally help to create the bright and pure amber color, floral and fruity fragrance, and delicate honeyed after-taste for a famous tea in the world named Eastern Beauty.

Tea material is selected from purebred oolong tea trees

6.Is the material to make this tea always available?
– No. The material is completely dependent on nature, and usually available around May of lunar calendar. Thus, this may be available in this year, but unavailable in the other years, and it is always…rare.
7.What is the proper water temperature for making this tea?
– Recommended water temperature is 80-85°C (175-185°F) and fusion time is 10 -30 seconds depending on the brew round to enjoy the best taste of the Eastern Beauty.
8.How many rounds we can brew the tea?
– Maximum 10 rounds


9.What is the world market price of this tea?
– Price listed on www.amazon.com is $64/ 100g